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My Virtual Child My virtual child covers many aspects of child life such as physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. In the program, I raised a virtual child from birth to 18 years of age. Each child child has a unique set of characteristics at birth. The characteristics are influenced by how you answer the assessment which included multiple choice and short questions than I completed when I first logged onto My Virtual Child and also throughout the child life. On Virtual Child, they either give you a boy or girl to raise. They gave me a boy so his name is Rocco. Rocco was born premature and was fairly healthy Rococo was in hospital in the NICU department for five days with the top doctors and nurses watching his health carefully. I was somewhat scared when I brought Rocco home because he was not very hungry. Eventually, he began to eat more and gained weight. First, cognitive development started in early…show more content…
I found my parenting style since Rocco was 3 months old which mostly containing love, but there also has limited on some other specific issues for him. My parenting style was called Authoritative Parent. According to our textbook A Childhood Development: A Cultural Approach states that “authoritative parent are firm, setting clear rules and consistent limits. Also, but authoritative parents are loving and emotionally supportive; they also high in demandingness and responsiveness” (Arnett, J., & Maynard, A. (2013). Parenting. "Parenting Styles", 269-269). However, I believe environment places play a vital role in order to identify a child personalities and successfulness. I could predict how Rocco adulthood will be like by watching her childhood by my parenting style for him. Rocco environment places changed in the future by when he aged, but his personality will remain constant. On the other hand, Rocco being successful in his life can be taught by the type of parent I am for

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