Compassion In Medicine

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A passion for science is usually not the main force or reason behind someone's decision to pursue medicine, but rather something that complements his or her desire to help others and sustain life. Pursuing a career in medicine cannot be developed overnight. It is a long process of holistically developing oneself as an individual. This desire of pursuing this kind of career will eventually help our present world in facing and solving every challenge presented to it, relating to, of course medicine. The term medicine in the context of the Filipino citizens is closely related to health. "Health is wealth", a significant quote many Filipinos live by, as well as people around the world. If a person is in good health, they believe that people around…show more content…
Compassion is defined as a deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it. Empathy is the feeling that you understand and share another person's experiences and emotions. Such emotions are needed for a physician to fulfil his pledged oath as person who sustain lives, promotes health, and provide service to others. In our country’s context, being a medical doctor of a specific patient also means being a part of the patient’s family. As Filipinos, who are known for close-family ties, medical doctors in the country have a strong attachment to every patient. With just simple every day conversations with the patient, medical doctors can find a new friend in his or her…show more content…
A number of authorities and studies indicate that such experiences, like a patient’s death are commonplace among physicians practicing in the clinical area. According to Sansona (2012), the grief response of physicians may be tempered by a number of personal and environmental and contextual factors. After even stating the fact, that having a dying patient is just a normal thing as a medical doctor, these kinds of events have a direct impact to physicians, not only as a professional, but also as a person. These impacts can reach the physicians’ self-awareness, resulting to self-doubting, and even distrusting oneself, and eventually will lead, unfortunately, to a negative patient care. In connection with all these things stated above, the researchers have yielded an idea to study the impacts of a dying patient to a medical doctor, and how do medical doctors cope with these circumstances. More specifically, the researchers have decided to venture on a phenomenological research which talks about on how do medical doctors cope with their first patient’s death. The said research is also a great help for other students, or other researches who are interested in the said topic, to be more equipped and have more background studies with this additional

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