The Pros And Cons Of Vaccination

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The devastating flu epidemic rampaging throughout the country is causing many to wonder if the time has come for mandatory vaccinations. The young and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to being struck by the flu. Most people who contract the illness survive, but people with compromised immune systems often aren’t so lucky. The current outbreak has claimed the lives of 30 children so far. Health care workers, nursing home attendants, and daycare center employees all work directly with vulnerable members of the population. There have been repeated calls to force people in these roles to be vaccinated against the flu whether they want to be or not. There is no law, however, requiring them to take the flu shot. “I take it myself… The reason why I do that is I continue to have the impression that it could work. But it’s one thing to say: ‘OK, on a voluntary basis, you get the vaccine despite all its weaknesses,’ and it’s another thing to say, ‘If you don’t get it, you get fired,’” French researcher Dr. Gaston De Serres said.…show more content…
Serres ran a study probing into the effects of immunization on health care workers and their patients. He found that he couldn’t show a definitive correlation between patients contracting the virus and patients encountering unvaccinated hospital workers.…show more content…
Serres included, believe that the benefits attending vaccination far outweigh the drawbacks. Most hospitals require employees to be vaccinated against the flu as a condition of employment. Daycare centers and nursing homes urge their workers to protect themselves but don’t insist on

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