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In this movie Hunter Adams is a challenged man. He finds himself checking into a mental hospital. While he’s there he finds that some of the other patients gives him a different insight on life. While in the facility he gets a roommate named Rudy. Rudy has sciurophobia where he hallucinates squirrels jumping around attacking him. In the movies we find that Adams committed himself to the hospital for having suicidal thoughts. In the movie Adams shows compassion starting with pretending to shoot the squirrels and talked to Rudy about his squirrel problem. While in the hospital he meets a man named Arthur. Arthur taught Adams to look pass what the eye can see on the surface. One day Adams and Arthur cup had a hole in it so Adams patched it…show more content…
He wanted to help people. He knew that he couldn’t deal with the patients in the hospital until year three. But Adams had a different plan he wanted to deal with medicine in a different way, laughter. He wanted to show people with compassion and laughter you can brighten people day, but not only that help people with stress. Patch got caught in the hospital with patients and got in trouble many times. The first time Patch got in trouble was for getting caught in the room with children that had cancer. He was entertaining the kids with a red nose on, which later became his trademark. Two of the people Patch helped were an old lady who wouldn’t eat, and a grumpy old man with pancreatic cancer. The way Patch helped the old lady was he gave her a pool fool of noodles. He made her excited to eat. He helped the grumpy man except death. He let the man know death was ok. He dressed up in an angel costume and read scriptures and made him laugh. Patch also got a girlfriend in school. When he started up his first clinic she was there to help him. One night his girlfriend confided in him that she was molested when she was younger. Patch taught his girlfriend his type of medicine. One day a man came into the clinic in Patch’s girlfriend felt some off about the man, but Patch helped the man

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