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Avatar – Background • A paralyzed Marine veteran • Replace his brother in the Avatar program • He’s American • Lead Protagonist Biography Between the reasoning to Jake Sully’s brother’s death and his suspicious attitude towards the Pandora mission, Jake has plenty of burdens laid upon him from the start. However, we slowly begin to see his curious and rebellious nature shine through. This is especially evident by his reaction to his first experience in his avatar body. He also proves to be a compassionate and bright individual who wants to learn from the Na'vi. In the end, the entire Na'vi population comes together under Jakes strong leadership and courage. Pivotal Scenes The turning point in the story comes when Jake gets his own avatar Navi…show more content…
Pivotal Scenes Miles has a one on one conversation with Jakes about them moving in and taking down their land. Jakes requests some extra time so he can become one of the them and negotiate the terms of their relocation. The team moves in too early leading Jakes to fight for the avatars side and Miles and Jakes begin combat against one another. Miles did not stop until he was killed by Neytiri. Development Industrious, brutal, and a firm believer of “strength through firepower”, Miles Quaritch is the head of RDA’s on-planet security. A hardened war veteran, Quaritch regards the Na’vi as little more than dangerous animals, and has no desire or inclination to learn about them, seeing Augustine’s research as both a waste of time and a means to an end. When Jake Sully arrives on Pandora, Quaritch recognizes the potential of having someone under his thumb – a dedicated Marine – whom he can use to spy on the Na’vi, either to sniff weaknesses or to organise a diplomatic solution. However, at the end of the day, his main aim is to ensure the success of RDA’s contract; to this end, Quaritch will not think twice about exterminating the Na’vi, and anyone else who gets in his way, for…show more content…
He mistreats all the prawns and has no sympathy for them whatsoever. Later on in the film Koobus comes back to arrest Wikus from the fallen spaceship although gets in a fight with the Nigerians. Koobus calls for support meaning he knows he is in trouble. Although later in the film the Prawns rip his limbs apart as they have no sympathy for him in return. Position The commander of a mercenary unit ,General of the MNU Security Force, employed by Piet Smit. Costume Koobus wears protective gear and always carries a weapon on him as well as communication devices which shows he is a military, strong male who doesn’t take any non-sense from anyone. Quotes Koobus Venter: I can't believe I'm being paid to do this. I love watching you prawns die. "Avatar" and "District 9," took a high-minded look at how mankind might interact with and alien species and as a result, both escaped the sticky sci-fi part of a city occupied by a minority

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