Eudora Welty's A Worn Path

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A Worn Path The Worn Path is a short story about a lady who has started a journey that she has walked quite a few times. Hence the name, A Worn Path, foreshadows a path that is worn and old that has been traveled many times because it worn and used. An old lady, named Phoenix Jackson, goes through many obstacles to test her endurance as she embarks a journey. The journey strays through the woods and goes along railroad tracks and leads to the pharmacy, where her grandson’s medicine can be found. This short story is really great because it teaches a lesson of love and compassion. It seems like most people have forgotten about true love and compassion about others in this generation. Most people wouldn’t do what this grandmother does for her grandson. This…show more content…
Phoenix is old and her body isn’t as great as it used to be, even her vision is terrible as she tries to find her way through woods. After the woods she makes it into a field full of corn stalks. She begins to talk herself, “ Through the maze now,” She said, for there was no path. This symbolizes her strength through her lonely endurances. She talks to herself to help her ease through the obstacles she faces. She runs into a scarecrow, but she is frightened until she gets close because she thinks a ghost is there. Reassured, Phoenix recognizes that she should shut up talking to herself, because there is no one there except herself. She finally reaches a wagon trail, which is one of the easiest places for her to walk because it has a trail and some of these others haven’t had trails at all. “Walk pretty,” She said, “This is the easy place. This the easy going.” By this she thinks the trail will be easy and she can walk pretty without any struggles. However, she is wrong and runs into some company. Eventually, she runs into a man and his dog. The dog comes from the dark and knocks her down to the ground. Then, the man is very mean and not respectful of the old lady. He

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