The Importance Of Talent

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It has been scientifically proven that we can create certain abilities or talents in ourselves simply by working very hard at the work we want. However, the fact that someone is naturally talented is also not denied. For instance, when we listen to a singer who has a really magnificent voice, we often conclude that he or she has a gift, a real piece of talent from God. We come to the conclusion because we judge and evaluate this singer’s innate talent while listening to the songs he or she performs. Nevertheless, the singer might have been practicing for several years to achieve these high steps, in this case the work he or she produces plays a very huge role, and it does not always depend on whether he or she is gifted from birth or not. As…show more content…
Motivated people have more privileged and special superiority than others because when they attempt work, they get good results. It is also proved that passionate people are near to achieve more than those who do not have sufficient motivation. Challenges and difficulties are not a big deal for motivated people because they undergo difficulties and overcome them with the help of motivation and self-sufficiency. Motivated people are also so hard working for getting good results; for example, the dawn is the most effective time of the day for most people. Motivated people are getting things done, while the world sleeps. Furthermore, these kinds of people do not only try to obtain a success in their sections, they want to be the best at it,…show more content…
There are many instances, such as Newton, Tolstoy, Mozart and Beethoven who are accepted by people as talented and special persons. However, this argument is inconsistent because sometimes people do not consider that most of these people have practiced a lot to gain the achievement. The perfect example can be a world known soccer player. Mesut Ozil was rejected by the Turkish National Football Team because of his insufficient football skills. Notwithstanding that, he made many efforts and practices regularly and as a result he reached the goal which was to be one of the best soccer players in the world. Thereby, he motivated himself properly and overcame all

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