Women On The Homefront: Written Confession

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Women on the Homefront: Written Commemoration Gray, cold clouds swarmed the sky, enveloping anything within their reach. The weather was gloomy, and so was I. As I looked out the window, I sighed. However, I was unsure whether it was a sigh of impatience, heartache, or misery. It's been 2 years since the war started and there hasn't been a single day where I haven't missed or thought about Harold. Oh, how I wished that he would embrace me and our little girl. Ever since the war started, the only thing we’d ever seem to have left was family. Life here was simple, I admit, yet quite tiring at the same time. Everything, every single responsibility was on us now ever since the men left to go to the war overseas. Suddenly, my alarm clock rang. Unwillingly, I groaned and got up, walked towards to it, then shut it off. "Mommyyyy!" Surprised, I ran to Annie's room as fast as I could. "What is it honey?" I asked with concern in my voice. "Can I have the crusts cut off my sandwich?" Annie whiningly questioned. Unexpectedly, I laughed which was something my 3 year old daughter was skilled at making me do. Puzzled and amused, I…show more content…
Putting on my worker’s hat and coat, I stepped inside the building. The smell of rust, body odour, and fumes lingered everywhere. Recently, I had heard that almost a million women had been hired by these very factories to be able to meet the demands of Canada’s increasing economy. Luckily for me, I was paid $9 a week which was a gracious amount these days. Walking down the steps, I caught 2 men giving me distasteful glares from the corner of my eye. Of course they were workers as well, but the way men treated us women here was unjust. It stripped us of all the honour and selflessness females had obtained from this experience. Yes, men were fighting for their lives overseas, but I believed that we were doing something just as equally as

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