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2.3 L&D initiatives by BreadTalk and their subsidiaries Initiatives for growing Service and Quality 1) BreadTalk Academy The Academy’s vision is to be a top-class training institute and one of the key focuses is leadership courses for management. The BreadTalk Academy focuses on three key areas – Technical training for the culinary team and R&D; retail and service quality training for store operations staff; and leadership courses for management (BreadTalk, 2013). This is to ensure that their staff are ready and well-rounded in all that they do. One L&D initiative that they have implemented with regards to the growing service and quality trend in the F&B industry is the BreadTalk Academy. Located at the BreadTalk IHQ, the BreadTalk…show more content…
With this L&D effort,the trainees may then be invited to take on specialised roles in the Research and Development and Quality Assurance teams. BreadTalk has also organized a 15-month training stint for up to 10 trainees at the Asian Culinary Institute. “The trainees, who will work with Nanyang Polytechnic graduates, can expect to participate in online learning modules and be part of productivity improvement projects and overseas attachments,” said a BreadTalk spokesperson (Today, 2015). It is a work-study programme designed to give fresh graduates from polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) a running start to work in fields related to their discipline of…show more content…
This helps their talents to develop strategic thinking that involves making a series of decisions about what actions the company intends to take to become more successful and prepare them for succession planning. For example, the BreadTalk Group has an academy located at their IHQ in Singapore which provides comprehensive trainings to integrate not only theory, but also practical training for their management staff to bring into the central kitchen. Providing practical training opportunities for them to have hands-on experience at their various outlets so that the Management has the better understanding so to improve front-line staff

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