OK Mills Case Study

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During the rule by the British Crown, modern soaps were introduced by Level Brothers England by importing and marketing them. North West Soap Company was the first company to bring India’s first soap manufacturing plant in the city of Meerut, UP. Marketing of cold process soaps was started in the year of 1897. In 1918, Mr Jamshedji Tata after purchasing the Coconut Oil Mills at Cochin set up first indigenous soap manufacturing unit. To cater the needs of the consumer requirements for cooking, OK Mills crushed and marketed their coconut oil. They also manufactured crude cold process laundry soaps that were sold locally. OK Mills was renamed as The Tata Oil Mils Company. In the early 1930’s, it’s first branded soap was brought into the market.…show more content…
Also there are soaps with distinctive features such as medicated soaps, flavoured soaps, glycerine soaps and baby soaps. A small market share is enjoyed by the specialty soaps (high valued) in terms of value. The market is growing at 7% annually. This means that the incremental demand generation is 5% over and above the population growth. With growing consciousness of hygiene standards, the soap market could expand at a rate greater than 8% annually. And it’s captivating to know that that 60% of the market is from the rural sector. This means that the divergence between these two segments is not vast. The margins arise from urban sector as the focus of the urban-end market is on urban…show more content…
Hence, this is why it has become a significant part of Human Resource Development. Training helps employees to take possession of new skills, to refine their existing skills by ensuring increased productivity. Employee training is not continuous, but done on a periodic basis usually given for a specific time. And it is one such area which is required by every employee at each position of work to advance performance. Training process helps in moulding the thinking ability of the employees in the right direction for delivering performance excellence. Any organizations source of success lies in their employees’ capability to perform well, so organizations should ensure that their employees should perform at their

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