NSA Exposure: A Duty Or Betrayal?

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The New York Times NSA exposure; a duty or betrayal? The ‘NSA’, or National Security Agency, is an American federal agency whose job is to observe, collect, protect, and expose the knowledge and understandings of foreign countries. They are restricted to only monitoring knowledge outside of the United States, and if they were to monitor a certain knowledge inside the United States, they would have to get a search warrant. After the attacks on the World Trade Centers on September 11th, 2001, the United States, especially President George W. Bush, was nervous about a possible recurrence of attacks by terrorists in the United States. Bush, being the worrisome man he is, goes behind the backs of hundreds of millions of people, and issues the NSA…show more content…
Although this act could be considered illegal, this process of injustice went on for three years until the New York Times, a newspaper company based in New York, exposed Bush and the NSA; presenting one of the most controversial topics for many years to come (Risen). It is easy to see that the question surfacing on this series of events is if the New York Times did the right thing, exposing the NSA and its unlawfully acts, or if they did the wrong thing, possibly committing ‘treason’ on America. In my opinion however, the actions of the New York Times were justified to me; in fact, they were a duty to the American citizens because it protected their basic rights. In my opinion, the government violated their restricted boundaries, which pissed millions of citizens off, and whether they tried to or not, did more harm than…show more content…
Although I believe that punishing the government for deceiving millions of Americans is more important, it is easy to see that there very well could be a possibility that the publication of this article could harm the war effort. This is because the article could get into the wrong hands. Not all 100% of us Americans are perfect. Although 98.99% are law abiding, there could be that one or two percent of us that are not, and that could be a huge issue. These ‘terrorists’, (I like to call them ‘assistants’ to the terrorists.) could give this article's information to an actual terrorist, who from that, is able to see not only the 15 years of flaws that America has developed, but also the weaknesses, tactics, and plans that America and it’s government has put forth to try to win the war. All in all, exposing this article could tell our enemies why we are losing the war and they could use it to their advantage, BUT, I am not persuaded by these arguments. You know what I say? Let them. I know that sounds crazy, but is America not the strongest country? Are they not the strongest economically and socially? Do they not have the strongest military? I say we take the risk because it means that the government is punished for the three years of wrongdoing that they have done and stopping the deceivement that could still be happening today if it were not for the New York Times’s

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