Jeffery Dahmer: The Mind Of A Serial Killer

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Jeffery Dahmer had a psychological issue that originated as a child when he discovered his passion of torturing animals and witnessed a chaotic divorce between his parents. Even after being interrogated in a broadcasted interview, Dahmer always claimed that something was wrong with him since his birth (Glass). Yet the struggles of his youth acted as an excuse for his behaviors when he became older because he did not notice how narrow-minded his actions he never learned the consequences when he was younger. In an interview while in jail, Dahmer told the interviewer that had he not been caught, he believed that he would still be murdering innocent people. He also told the interviewer he still had sudden urges to kill people while in jail, however…show more content…
The researchers repeatedly ponder this question because of the extent of distortion to the killer’s conscience. Even people who have had a challenging life still have the common sense to know that it is sinful to kill someone and there are countless effects for their actions. Nevertheless these murderers are slaughtering individuals at several intervals of their life, so it is not as though they thought irrationally once and had to pay the price. When studying serial murderers, the Federal Bureau of Investigation came to the conclusion that their motivations and general characteristics differ drastically. However they found that, “attendees did identify certain traits common to some serial murderers, including sensation seeking, a lack of remorse or guilt, impulsivity, the need for control, and predatory behavior” (Mortin 14). This study showed that, though they come from multiple different backgrounds and want different things, they all do not express the same feelings as most people do. This could be proof that they are not similar to general men and more of a monster. Judging by the points on both sides of the argument, the most logical side of the argument to choose would be that the executioners are men but they posses a certain quality that is unlike most of society. Many serial killers who have been interviewed once they were caught, including Jeffrey Dahmer, claim that they knew that it was wrong to act the way he did but it was such an exhilarating time for them that they felt they needed to commit a killing again later. It is not as much that they are so-called monsters and completely different than the rest of civilization than that they are so obsessed with the idea to have the thrilling rush once again that they set aside the wickedness of their

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