Common Reasons For Banning Books

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The Quran, The Bible, The Mockingbird, and even the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are all examples of books that have been banned for their content. Banning books have been around for a long time and despite any change in wording, the truth behind it is all the same. It is the legal censorship of literature in the United States. However in some cases this need for censorship can be understood. Parents trying to maintain the best age appropriate environment for their child would not be found to critical if petitioning a book that promotes theft or murder to be banned. Even though the concerns of parents regarding exposure to literature with a negative influence are understandable as they are thinking in the child’s best interest, it can not overshadow the rights of every citizen. Therefore, books should not be banned because it violates our 1st amendment rights.…show more content…
This would also allow the government to ban books that it may deem “controversial” such as books that may not agree with their agenda. Another point that may be presented is the explicit material contained in books such as 50 shades of gray.[ Common Reasons for Banning Books] However, if one looks at other industries such as the movie and video game industry, a rating system has been encouraged as an alternative to just banning material with explicit material. This system has both allowed informed decision making in the matter of exposure of such content to children and allowing the creators to exercise their 1st amendment right to the freedom of

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