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In one of the latest speeches written by Leonardo Bruni, called Panegyric to the City of Florence, he passionately argued that his beloved city of Florence was battling against the oppressive reign of Milan, a city controlled by the Visconti family. According to Bruni in (section 1 pg 1.) of his Panegyric, the city of Florence is a “distinguished” city, more “splendid” than any other found on earth. His words lend a personified meaning to the city itself. But perhaps the most praiseworthy aspect of Florence is its citizens and republican form of government. “To obtain what we wish “(section 1, p.1), is the common theme found through most if not all of Florence. Each individual Florentine is responsible for their own participate in city life.…show more content…
First and foremost, the city of Florence traces its roots to those of the ancient Romans. The Romans were known for their exceptional architecture, love of the arts, and citizenry that exercised governmental rights. For the people of Florence, their accomplishments are many. Since it is a city of principles, common sins like cowardice and sloth are frowned upon (section 3, p 3). In essence, the Florentine citizens have maintained their stance like their forbearers before them. With Roman roots dating back several centuries, it is safe to say that Florentine citizens wholeheartedly embraced the Roman ideals. Primarily, Florence’s loyalty in defending allies from potential dangers (section 3, p 5). Thus, their very government grew to reflect the newfound attitude once herald by the Romans themselves. Florentine people took a deep interest in a republicanism form of government. The city of Florence with its wealthy background served as a diplomatic background in foreign affairs, Section 4 of page 5, Bruni describes the city has having an outstanding civil institution and laws. Everything about the city-state is organized, without nothing out of place. As mentioned in an earlier paragraph, Florence is “motivated” (section 4, p 5), to protect neighboring cities during times of war. In due time, many of those smaller cities began to look up to Florence for

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