Essay On Injustice And Inequality

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In Class Essay Unit 2 Question: How do injustices or inequalities divide our society and create conflict? Think of some specific examples of ways that injustices are diving our society today? “This union has been divided in like a civil war - brother against brother - sister against sister.” said by James P. Hoffa. The United States is a very diverse country made up of ideas and opinions on how the society should be runned. This can cause injustices and inequalities because not everyone has the same opinion, especially in America. An injustice or inequality is something that is not equal or fair. Even though the United States is a country based off of opinions there is one major injustice that seperated our country and even caused the civil…show more content…
In “To Be A Slave” by Julius Lester, a slave is talking about a time when him and some others had to walk by foot all the way to Texas, “Then, he chains all his slaves round the necks and fastens the chains to the horses and makes them walk all the way to Texas.”(55) This perspective of one of the slaves shows how cruelly treated slaves were. They are still human beings not objects. Tieing into how slavery is a major injustice for the United States because of how the slaves were treated. Next, in “Northern Versus Southern States” by Front Row, the Northern states had just started realizing the major injustices of slavery, Front Row communicates “Thus, leading up to the Civil War, the issue of slavery became more and more controversial, creating a widening rift between the North and South and heighten existing tensions between the two regions in their appearance to labor.”(2) This information about why the civil war was going to happen proves that the issue happened. Slavery that is also an injustice is causing conflict which leads up to the civil war. It also proves how the tensions for the injustice set a rift dividing the country in half for a while too. Accordingly, sparks for the Civil War had been approached by the massive injustices having to do with slavery and the country dividing due to different

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