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Introduction Have you wonder why an International program is the best way to learn a new language? Today you are going to know why! First, an international program is an exchange program, but it is different from other kind of programs because you go to learn or study the language of your preference. This program it is going to offer you so many good things such as, host families, pension and tuition can be afforded by the students. These are going to exceed your expectations. However, you are going to enjoy your program as much that when you get back home you are going to want to go back over and over. First of all international programs exist all over the globe, but it has a lot of competition programs like; interlink language center,…show more content…
The courses are; intensive, this course has more hours of studying and is the most recommended for the ones that want to acquire the language faster. Basic is the next option based on normal hours of classes and time to get to visit the city. Clichés is general, this one is for the ones that dominate the language and want more vacation. Adding to this, the general course it is more about to enjoy your stay there because you think you already have your language at a 100% and you only want to practice even more with the natives out there. Like I mentioned before you choose the best course for your education. Third of all you don't need to worry about where you are going to live because you can choose the place you feel more comfortable in. Every type of course include a host families, with this I mean that in the moment you get to your destination, you automatically are going to live in a house with a family that also has their kid in the program and she or he is in other country for the moment otherwise is a family that wants to help the program by accepting a young adult in their home, this one is the best option for you if you want to know is to live with a family from another culture and of course practice more the language with them. But if you don't like that option you can stay in the campus or even better you can rent an

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