Disadvantages Of Antioxidants

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Whenever we talk about healthy body, sharp mental abilities and beautiful skin, antioxidants comes is discussion automatically. These are the special molecules that help body to stay healthy, avert from crucial diseases and promotes better physical and mental health. Antioxidants has a lot of benefits for human body because the body has some substances which are unchallenged and can cause serious illness and chronic diseases. Human body produces radicals which are not beneficial for health and need something that could make them non-toxics for the body. So antioxidants are those molecules that reduces the toxic behaviour of free radicals of the body. Antioxidants are of different types that treat different parts of the body and skin. It varies from antioxidant to antioxidant that what type is beneficial for what body part. For example carotenes are advantageous for eye health, lycopene, flavonoids and proanthocyanidins are highly beneficial for prostate and cardiovascular and urinary health issues.…show more content…
it saves from many bacterial and fungal diseases. Poor immune system leads to seasonal viruses and ultimately chronic diseases. So it is better to don’t let this happen initially. Antioxidants are highly favourable to strengthen the immune system because they have the ability to speed up the production of positive cells in the body. Our skin, when exposed to direct sun, the UV rays affect the upper and inner skin so bad and causes it to appear darker and dead. Direct UV rays from the sun makes your internal skin cells shrink and burn which sometimes causes itching surface and darker appearance. Consuming foods which are high in antioxidants will reduce the chances of skin to get affected. Applying eatable items rich in antioxidants, directly on face to prevent sun burn is also a good remedy for clearer glowing

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