The Dirty Shoes Short Story

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The Dirty Shoes Down in Old Toronto in 1895, there was a man named Thomas who stayed with his wife and his children. They weren't poor yet they couldn't live up the extravagance he wanted to provide for his family. Years passed and it began to feel like an endless loop of wanting and wishing for things that were yet to happen. It hit the family repeatedly over and over again, as if they could never leave Old Toronto. Thomas, now 45, was done with having to complete small tasks and work as a small man in the trade industry. His dark locks of hair covered his head and his face, forming into his beard. Eyes sunken, unlike any other man his age, with wrinkles occupying a little more than half of his face. The tiredness could be seen from anyone…show more content…
He transformed by becoming friends with these families and started to love his life despite the little means he had to go by. A feeling of life changing was getting to Thomas and as he inched closer into the elite, small aspects of him began to change. Coat now sturdier, beard cleanly shaven, and eyes widening with happiness, described Thomas at that moment. When he came home, he was in such high spirits coming home to his children and wife and their life became easier with said joy. The family knew they weren't part of the elite, but it felt to them like there was something in their life now, a comfort like no other:…show more content…
He couldn't sleep, eat, or play with his kids. The once happy face couldn't go back to a smile seemingly a permanent frown of disappointment. As Thomas did every morning, the next morning, Thomas he took George to go play with his friends around 9. George did this all the time and loved the company of his neighbourhood friends. George noticed a difference in his dad's eyes, but couldn't fathom what made a man so sad that he wasn't filled with love when he was with his children. Thomas dropped off the boy and walked away drudging his boots in the mud of the frigid winter day. Thomas made his way down to William's house where he was supposed to take William's child and wife to the theatre as he drove them away. Maybe he could commit the sin now? Was this his moment to prove himself as loyal? He couldn't part with the deathly thought of killing two people in cold blood but then again he knew if he got it over with he could move on and remain with the others, his friends who made him so content. Thomas then made a decision, between proving himself or doing the right thing. He drove the Hancocks down a route with bumps every metre and dirt on the wheels. The heat was unbearable in the coach and the child and wife continued to yell at Thomas. Sweat rolled down his face but could be mistaken for the tears that fell down his face. Despite everything in his body telling him it was wrong, he ignored it to the best of his ability.

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