Android Advantages And Disadvantages

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From a simple mobile phone to Android and iOS Devices the technology becomes really interesting and very innovative from time to time. And not only the devices that changes and bring great improvements from this day forward, but also the different applications that exist now. Each application being produce has a purpose for the user needs. As the researchers,look for applications that had helpedus in communication, knowledge, health, entertainment and more. That is why the researchers have decided to develop anapplication that would provide the need of a user in terms of searching and broadcasting a home rental. It is really a struggle when people need to find a home rental in just a day or week. It brings a great hassle were we need to go from places to places each single day to find a place to stay and that is accessible to a person’s school. The researchers’ solution to this…show more content…
This Android application will aid the needs of any students in their search for their next home and for the landowners to broadcast their home rentals. This application will be exclusive to Metro Davao. 1.2 Purpose and Description The Android Mapping and Navigational Portal for Home Rentals around Metro Davao will aid students to find a place to stay while they are here in Metro Davao.It is a Portal application that would allow the landowners of a home rental to post or broadcast their buildings for students who seek for a place to stay while they are here in the City. Finding a home rental in just a day would be possible to everybody, especially to those who are new here in Metro Davao. 1.3 Objectives Generally, the study aims to create an android mapping and navigational portal for home rentals so that finding your next home would be easier than before and that would allow users to post listings and view them by the use of Android

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