The Physical Characteristics Of Ergonomics In The Work Environment

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You rented a car and when you got in you realized nothing was adjusted to suit your dimensions, or you’re holding a cup of coffee and you suddenly needed to use the restroom. Both situations has an effective solution because scientifically things are designed so we can live easier lives. Like when we rent a car we can simply adjust the seats and rearview mirrors to suit our specific height and viewing angle for a more efficient way to look rearward. Or merely placing your cup of coffee onto the coffee table rather than bending and resting it on the floor which takes way more effort, time and energy. So most things in life are designed to suit the physical characteristics of the human body, and the method of science behind these designs are called Ergonomics. According to the Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus Ergonomics is “The branch of engineering science in which biological science is used to study the relation between workers and their environment. ".…show more content…
Avoiding dangers or hazards can be a practice like removing trip hazards, unprotected electrical wires and chemicals from your desk/ workspace. It is also important to consider less obvious threats such as poor ventilation, bad posture and noise can also create a negative effect. workers can benefit from this in many ways and can reduce the amount of injuries and accidents while on the job. when using everything the correct way you lessen the chance of joint pains and headaches for example. Placing the computer screen an arms distance away and adjusting it to eyes level so that your not looking up at the screen but straight ahead or slightly downward. Adjust the screen so that there aren't any glares reflecting on it, to reduce wrist pain and back problems the keyboard should also be adjusted so that your wrist remains flat on the table in some

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