Columbine Gun Violence

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America is a country where gun control is a hot topic. With all the school shootings and wars going on, guns mark their place in the news quite often. The film bowling for columbine by Michael Moore takes a look at many different sides of gun control and how it might affect gun violence. Thought the film Michael Moore uses techniques and comments reasoning areas to persuade his audience. The film focuses on the issues that can occur when the citizens own guns. thou out the documentary there are many people interviewed. Some of these people are asked what their view is on guns and gun regulations. A few of the people stated that we need guns for protection. Others that were interviewed state that the media tends to put the blame of gun violence on music and video game that are violent. Thought the film Michael Moore compares the gun violence in America to another country. Coming to the realization that the gun violence is greater in the…show more content…
Michale Moore was able to interview Marilyn Manson about the shooting and Columbine and if his music led those kid to be violent. He is using the propaganda tequniqu testomonal. By using a famous musician, the director may persuade the audience into agreeing that music has no effect on violence. Marilyn Manson is not a knowledgeable source of music creating violent tendency in its listeners. The film makes takes clips from press releases and uses them to build onto his message that music is not the issue on this matter. He takes a clip from a religious protest that states Marilyn Manson type of music is the reason the shooting happened. “All who hear Manson tomorrow night will go out and commit violent acts. The answer is "no," … everybody who watches a Lexus ad go and buy a Lexus? No. But a few do.” Post Hoc is the fallacy the protest speaker made that may aid the viewer in agreeing with the film

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