Napoleon The Boar In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Leaders throughout history have shown to the world that they show no mercy when in power or when they’ve become dictators towards their own people. Bystanders make a large contribution in the production of dictatorships by doing absolutely nothing whatsoever or by not saying a single word until the last minute, which allows the leader in charge to take total control of the country or even the world in which they live in. Animal Farm, a novel by George Orwell, proved to the world that even if his story was on a farm in England, the animals in question would come to represent citizens within society, leaders, followers, and a single Donkey named Benjamin would represent the bystanders of society. When leaders in power become corrupt, that’s…show more content…
Napoleon the Boar is an excellent example of a leader that practiced the use of negative leadership after running Snowball out of Animal Farm (Orwell 52-3), the leading of his own security system, and the use of manipulation over his own people after becoming ruler of Animal Farm (Orwell 54-141). After the quest to be supreme leader is complete, Napoleon controlled the masses even further by instilling fear into the hearts of everyone. Joseph Stalin and Napoleon share parallels such as when they removed two rivals from the only countries they lived in, corrupt lawmaking, ruling with iron fists, and even changing the ways in which people lived so they could better suit themselves when society fell…show more content…
Benjamin the Donkey was observed in Animal Farm doing nothing when The Rebellion (Orwell 20-26) occurred. Only after his friend Boxer was taken away to the knackers did Benjamin raise his voice in agony and yell at those who did nothing but stare and say “Goodbye!” as he was being taken away to the knackers. (Orwell 122-126) Benjamin’s only reaction to when Snowball was in charge and after Napoleon took control was that he was neutral towards the occurrence. The only animal that was of interest to Benjamin is himself because he did not care about what happened around him. His behavior is expected of those who are neutral towards everything around them. The only disadvantageous effect of becoming neutral would be that society would crumble and lives would become ruined in the

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