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Seneca Falls convention Seneca Falls convention was first called in 1848 by a handful woman in the United States with a view of fighting for women's right. The convention was first held in July in 1884 in Seneca Falls in New York. About three hundred people attended the convention that included approximately forty men. The main purpose of the convention was to highlight to the public the unfair treatment of women. Among the key founder members of the convention included Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Part 2 How the freedoms were expanded for women in U.S in general Upon the full implementation of the constitution in the 1987, not all human rights were secured to all people. This prompted the expansion of rights through various…show more content…
The women joined other male protesters in condemning the slavery that paralyzed enjoyment of freedom. Through their partnership with other male protesters, women acquired the necessary skills in executing their goals. Upon their successful integration with the abolitionists’ movement, women acquired leadership skills leading to the formation of the first women’s right movement in America. With suffrage as their primary goal, women employed various methods in pursuing their goals. The Seneca convention held in Seneca Falls provided platform for the women to pass several resolutions within the movement. One of the methods embraced by the activists is in the fight for freedom among women is philosophy of equal human rights. Since God is the creator of both men and women, the activists lobbied for equal treatment for both genders and sorted to curb all the barriers to the women in their fight for equal rights. Some advocates like charlotte Perkins proposed the philosophy of essentialism. In this theory, men and women occupy different spheres and thus should be treated differently. This philosophy was aimed at protecting women through protective customs and legislation in improving the status of…show more content…
Most activists viewed philosophical strategies as inappropriate strategies in altering the individual behavior and cultural beliefs. The advocates for this strategy believed that through legislation, individuals would be compel to comply with the new legislation protecting the status of women. In addition, the amendments of the constitution provided another avenue for the women and other activists in achieving some of their goals. The introduction of the 14th constitutional amendment in 1886 promises more protection to the slaves and women as proposed by leaders like Susan B. and Stanton. The 15th amendments failed to forbid all the states on discriminating the voting rights on the basis of gender leading to the formations of various associations. By 1910, the association adopted other strategies like heckling, violence, hunger strikes that were formerly employed by the British suffragists. Failure by the old methods such as marches and heckling of ministers made the women change their strategy to arson and other violence related approaches that finally proved successful in early

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