The Influence Of Gun Control In The Film Bowling For Collumbine

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Gun violence and gun control are very touchy subjects. These topics are specifically two sided and no middle space. As millennials, we all have grown up knowing that school shooting happen and in high schools, middle schools and colleges all too often. We have had to practice drills for school shootings and although it may be a smart idea for us to be safe rather than sorry, should we have to worry that someone will be coming to school with the possibility of being shot. After watching the movie, Bowling for Columbine, it focused on the Columbine High School shooting and the opinions of people that are gun owners and people that have been effected by guns. This film is a controversial and thought provoking movie that challenges their viewer’s opinion…show more content…
I live in the Bronx, which is often considered a ghetto, and I could hear people shooting a few streets away but I personally have never witness or had fear of being shot because I lived in a relatively safe area. Although my neighborhood might be close to a dangerous area, the danger of guns never came to mind or to my parents as well. My family and I are all against owning a gun, however I am the only person in favor of gun control. My parents aren’t for gun control because they grew up with the mindset that people should have the right to have a gun if they want one, but I disagree with them because I believe the only way to stop school shooting and gang violence is to stop the ability for people to have guns. This film does answer our topic question, from my observation I believe Moor believes gun violence is inherently in the American culture because he displayed how there are a lot people that grew up shooting gun and actually enjoy having guns. He also explained how people Americans are more likely to have a gun or create gun violence in another country because of America’s acceptance of

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