Bowling For Columbine Essay

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Michael Moore’s 2003 Oscar award winning documentary “Bowling for Columbine” is a highly engaging and emotional insight into the conflict and controversy of America’s gun laws. As the protagonist, director and editor, Moore is on a journey to seek out more social justice for Americans through exposing his perception of the truth. He predominantly examines the Columbine High School massacre whilst also delving into other instances. Despite its irrefutable subjectiveness and the clear accomodation for his modern audience, it is a film that should definitely be viewed by all. Moore aims to position the viewer to see the true danger of a gun-obsessed society. The ease of access to weapons is introduced in the opening scene where Moore showcases how simple it is to obtain weapons. He opens a bank account and to the surprise of the viewer, he receives a complimentary firearm! He continues to highlight this matter throughout…show more content…
He repeatedly implies that America is no longer the ‘Land of the Free.’ Instead, he positions the viewer to see America as a society of ‘rednecks’ that are concerned purely with weapons and violence. He effectively conveys the message of the constant fear that is instilled into American citizens by the media and the government. Moore delves into this issue as he aims to explore the reasoning behind such stories. Furthermore, he travels to Canada and interviews citizens who aren’t filled with fear. He concludes that the media is the prevalent source of fear and subsequently violence in America and questions the necessity of such stories to be presented. His directorial intention is to ensure that the audience view America as this gun-crazed society. He successfully achieves this by repeatedly including footage that evokes the sympathetic and empathetic view he

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