Columbine Fictitious Facts

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In 2002, Michael Moore created the documentary Bowling for Columbine. This documentary explores what the main causes are of gun violence and public opinions from Moore’s perspective. Moore’s main focus is guided towards the NRA and its impact in American society present day. There are many citizens in America who support the NRA. In the movie Bowling For Columbine, Michael Moore displays many incorrect facts, however presents it in a manner where the audience is persuaded. While doing several researches about Michael Moore Fictitious facts, here is the truth about the bowling for the NRA. The National Rifle Association of America (NRA) is a nonprofit organization which its primary goal is to protect and defend the constitution of United States. One section of the documentary had a central focus on the NRA convention in Denver in May 1999. This section starts with NRA president Charlton Heston holding a rifle in the air, saying his line: “From my cold dead hands.” But really he never displayed a rifle in the air or said his quotes at…show more content…
One word, money! The government tries to bring down the NRA and taking away our rights to own a rifle because if there are limited amount of gun shops selling weapons, there will be more money from illegal acts. For example, our neighbors in Canada have a law, that marijuana is illegal. The main reason that governments are not legalizing marijuana is not that the fact the drug is safe; however the governments receive money from charges from drug traffickers or consumers. This example is exactly what the government wants to do, to get more money and use it for their own goods. It is wrong because owners who are qualified should be able to own a rifle for self-defense at home, recreation and sports. We are here to protect your rights and support the right to own and bear arms and reject any gun regulation by the

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