Why Did The Taliban Attack Malala Yousafzai?

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The Taliban began banning girls from school in her village and raiding the schools, Malala Yousafzai knew it was time to speak up for her and other girls and express her feelings towards education. Many people know Malala as the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Many people do not know the actual reason for her winning the prize. Malala is a Pakistani activist. She is an activist for universal education and girls’ rights. Most people know her as being the young girl who is a human rights activist for education. She is mainly the girls’ rights activist in her native country, Swat Valley. She is mainly the activist in her native country because of the Taliban trying to forbid young girls to receive an education. It was known to everyone…show more content…
That question is asked by many, but answered by few. There are many reasons why the Taliban attacked Malala. The reasons of the attack are not being justified, but just explained to what seems to reasonable to the Taliban. Initially the Taliban was trying to take over Pakistan when Malala was a child. There were all girl schools in Swat were the Taliban had started to attack. One of the schools the Taliban attacked was the school Malala’s father had founded. After this incident in October of 2008, she gave a speech about the Taliban trying to take away the right of a young lady’s education. This was the main reason the Taliban attacked Malala. The Taliban believed Malala was defying their ideas of what they wanted the country to be. Malala was being an activist for those young girls who were not able to speak up for themselves. During the year of 2009, Malala anonymously wrote to BBC, but was revealed somehow at the end of the year during the month of December. After the fact of Malala being revealed for her blogs it got worse for the conflict between her and the Taliban. When Malala was 14 she had a death threat issued against her by Taliban. Malala’s advocacy towards education for girls was seen as a symbol of defiance against Taliban subjugation. The Pakistani Taliban felt that her fight for education rights was very offensive to their way of living and that she had to be silenced for

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