Color Purple Sacrifice

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“ There is no decision that can be made without some sort of sacrifice,” (Simon Sinek). Sacrifice has the ability to cause an individual to reveal their true intentions and persevere in their conclusive goal through the emotional toll it inflicts onto that person. In Alice Walker’s, The Color Purple, the protagonist, Celie, choses to give up her freedom for the good of her sister, Nettie. Growing up in a poor and abusive environment, Celie quickly witnesses her sister’s potential, that is exhibited through intellectual talent. When Nettie faces the conflict of marriage, Celie realizes that a husband would yield Nettie in her progress to pursue her goals. Instead, she puts forth her ideals towards Nettie’s well being before those, of others,…show more content…
This predicament provides an insight into Celie’s intentions to arrange a better outcome for her sister. When, “Mr.___ finally comes out and asts for Nettie’s hand in marriage,” Celie envisiones the burden that her verdict might cause in her own and her sister’s life ( Walke 16). All of her ambitions that she wants to achieve will no longer be possible to accomplish due to this marriage. Through her feeling about this, she conveys her concern in how the marriage also ruins Nettie’s prospects. Afterwards, Celie, “ ast him to take [her] instead of Nettie,” in an attempt to preserve and protect her sister’s innocence ( Walker 9). In the evening when, “ Mr.___ come in… [Celie] [is] in bed crying. Nettie finally see the light of day, clear…” and comes to understand Celie’s decision ( Walker 7). Nettie’s realization sparks Celie’s plight to be able to reunite with her sister once more and reconnect their bond. Celie’s values become clear as she accepts her fate and allows for Nettie to continue living on her own. In turn, Celie sacrifices the only aspect in her life that she has left remaining; her freedom, and before long, begins to formulate opinions and prioritize her beliefs which highlight her

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