Identity In The Color Purple

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The Color Purple movie released in 1985 is based on the 1982 novel written by author Alice Walker. The film sheds light on the battles that African American women met through the 1930s. Females are extremely subjugated, especially Celie, The plot is about the life of Celie Harris, played by Whoopi Goldberg. Living in the rural south of the United States, Celie is a poverty-stricken black child who is wedded against her wishes to an older black man named Albert, also known as Mr. in the story. She is obligated to take care of his children and work on the farmhouse without complaint to all of Albert's requests and those of his children. Celie had been mistreated throughout her childhood and now during her married life. She experiences countless ordeals and misfortunes and somehow discovers a means to learn her individual identity. The most explicate moments of Celie’s marriage are her sexual…show more content…
As perceived color plays a significant role throughout the movie but there is a particular scene that it is an easy indication of the characters personality. Shug is working at a type of bar and in this scene she is wearing a red sequence dress. The dress represents all the things she is, lust, sin, heat and passion. The red color is not only making her the center of attention but also makes her easy to find in the crowd of men and women who idolizing her. A deep orange filter from the kerosene lantern aluminates the rooms, making the scene appear aged and heated. The tint of orange is apparent throughout the entire movie, making the scenes in the movie appear old and hot like a summer day in the south. The homes are simple and made of wood; lots of dirt roads fill the streets adding to the 1980 century

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