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Celie, a poor, uneducated, 14 year-old African-American girl wrote letters to God throughout her life. The letters start with Celie being raped and beaten by her father, and eventually becomes pregnant with her father’s child, twice. During this time, Celie’s mother is ill until she ultimately dies, leaving Celie and her other children with her abusive husband. Therefore Celie was left to protect her younger sister, Nettie, from their father’s sexual advances. Her father then marries Celie off to Mr.______, who is a widower with four children that Celie was forced to tend to as if they were her own children. Celie became a slave to a loveless marriage where she was constantly beaten and raped. Celie then begins a lifelong friendship with Shug Avery, Mr.____’s mistress, after she nurses Shug back to health after being beaten by her father that viewed Shug’s profession as a blues singer as a sin. Harpo, Celie’s oldest stepchild, marries a woman named Sofia; later Celie suggests that Harpo should beat his wife into submission, so Sofia would obey him. Celie suggested this idea because in her experience, getting beat was a normal, and expected part of life. Harpo tried this approach and was unsuccessful because Sofia was a strong and independent woman,…show more content…
One day Celie finds these letters and finally learns that her sister is alive and safe, and that her two children that she bore to her father were still alive. The letters from her sister revealed that her children were adopted by the missionary couple that Nettie has been traveling with. Celie became more confident in herself and stronger every day due to her sister’s letters, but she soon realized the injustice that she faced living with her husband and grew even more livid with every passing

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