The Color Purple Film Analysis

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The Color Purple film, directed by Steven Spielberg, who adapted it from Alice Walker, stars Celie Harris Johnson, who ever since she was a fourteen year old girl, she has had to endure rape, sexism, loss of her children, tyrannical husband, domestic violence, loss of her sister, and demoralization of her friend, Sofia, who lost her freedom to the law. The movie centers around the early 20th century, and at that time racism was very common, even among African-Americans. Celie suffered from mistreatment from her tyrannical husband, loss of family and demoralization of Sofia, all contributing to the oppression of women in that time. Celie was only 14 years of age when she was dragged into marriage with a man who was much older than her and only…show more content…
At the very beginning of the film, Alfonso, Celie’s stepfather and Albert Johnson, a middle-class man, meet in the house to discuss the future of the girls. Albert goes all out and states that he wants to marry Nettie, but Alfonso refuses by saying, “You can’t have Nettie, but you can have the ugly one, Celie,” so Albert decides to take Celie, because he was desperate for a wife. However, it was later revealed that Albert only married Celie as a maid while his real crush was a woman named Shug Avery. Around that time, Sofia arrives and wishes to marry Harpo, after getting pregnant. In the climax of the movie, Sofia defies the law and is sent to prison where after 8 years is a total mess, and remains silent instead of her usual personality. This change affected Celie negatively, as she saw that it did not matter what happened, in the end they would all be sent to prison or worse, get killed off. She felt unmotivated and her morale, decreased as she got beat up time after time. Shug Avery returns with Grady, her new husband, and while the two men get drunk, Shug reveals the letters that Nettie had been sending, thinking all this time she was dead because she never received them and she promised to always write. Shug revealed that Albert had collected and hidden them on the floor of his room to prevent Celie from learning anything. These events brought about her realization for change and she stood up to Albert holding a knife to his throat, “I could kill you. Until you do right by me everything you think about about is gonna crumble,” and with the help of Sofia and Shug, Celie did not

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