Symbolism In A Worn Path

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On many opportunities, an item can be better explained to the person reading the novel by using different types of symbols. For example, in The Color Purple, it is clear that the color purple is describing Celie, and how Celie's transformation went from a young little girl to a mature woman. Another way symbolism is able to be shown is in Dr. Seuss’s book How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the Grinch steals certain things that describe Christmas in many ways like trees, presents, food, stockings and many other things that have to do with it, but in the end the Grinch found out that Christmas was way more than just those material things. Another good example would be, Harry Potter’s scar it can also be used as a symbol. His scar is like an insignia…show more content…
She is small, weak and nearly blind, but she is determined to make it all the way to town all on her own. Many things happens to her on her way there. Phoenix had to go up a big hill all by herself and on her way down her dress got caught into several bushes. The old lady also had to cross a log to make it to the other side, once she crossed it she now had to go through a barbed-wire fence. Further on her journey she passed thru an old field of dead corn and then passed a scarecrow that she thought was a ghost. She then fell into a ditch where she wasn't able to get up and there was nobody to help her out. A white hunter’s dog finally came along and saw her laying down inside the ditch and the hunter then gave her a pull to get her out. A nickel fell out of the man’s pocket and Phoenix slowly stretched down and picked up the nickel and put it inside her apron pocket without telling him anything. She finally arrived to town and asked a white lady if she would tie her shoe, so the lady tied it for her. She then entered a big building where the attendant in the main lobby was being rude to her, but then a nurse came and gave her the medicine that she needed for her grandson. Before leaving the town she stopped at a store to buy her grandson a small windmill. Phoenix then headed back home where her grandson waited for…show more content…
In “123 Help Me” they point out “When Phoenix dies, her spirit of the Phoenix bird will live on in her nephew who most likely will live a long, happy life.” This just demonstrates that her grandson will be just like her and he might even grow old and go on into a long journey just for a medication for one of his family members. In this short story the nurse is trying to tell Phoenix to not come back for the medicine anymore because it is hopeless and a waste of her time. All the nurse is trying to say is that she won't be giving her the medicine anymore thats why she doesn't want for her to go back to the building. This is why she is considered as a hurdle. “School Advisor” imply, “The nurse symbolizes people and hurdles that come in everyone’s

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