Persuasive Speech On Education Cannot End

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William Butler Yeats' quote means that education cannot end. A pail will eventually be filled, but education isn't like that. It's too similar to a fire for a simile to be drawn to a pail. A fire needs to be lighted and continuously fueled to keep going, which defines this term well: it needs to be sparked and fed. At a young age, people may have various beliefs that may be false. Two such examples are the existence of Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. Obviously both are false, but to know this, someone has to teach it to you. Likewise, although there are 18 grades in the school system (Preschool, Grades 1-12, and the five degrees of college), once you pass that point there's more to the world than meets the eye. You might learn how to do a certain job, or how to survive…show more content…
Over the course of four or five years on the internet, I've learned that people on forums and social media are insufferable jerks and there will always be people hating my favorite things just because of tiny little nitpicks. While those two are the big things, I've also learned that my voice sounds horrible and shouldn't be used in online videos and that atheists hate Christians for no reason other than to hurt others. As such, the Internet hosts various other dark secrets that I'd be better off not knowing. Even still, it can be considered as being educated on what's good and bad, and is thus relevant to this essay. Following up on the first sentence in the last paragraph, unless you're a hermit you've more than likely made enough interactions to know the nature of a few other people. Being educated about how people are in a certain region can change your worldview and thus how you categorize others. This also helps prevent stereotypes, such as Americans being fat, lazy people who sit in front of their computers and rant on the Internet, or Asians being overly perfectionist people with tiny

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