Kanye West: A Modern Transcendentalists

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Kanye west commonly get’s a lot of criticism for how he behaves and without fail disregards this and goes on to do exactly what the media criticizes him for again. While this may seem like Kanye is just an arrogant jerk this is actually one of the many things that makes kanye a modern transcendentalist. Transcendentalists believe it is important to be ones true self and to think freely, Kanye West frequently demonstrates this by dismissing media criticism and doing what he feels he should do. Despite what others may think, kanye west is a transcendentalist with modern adaptations due to his disdain for corporations, his frequent dismissal of criticism, and like the fathers of transcendentalism, he spreads his message utilizing art. Kanye West's song new slaves shows very clearly his distaste of corporations, and the promoted lifestyle of wealth and consumerism. In this song he says "used to only be n*****s, now everybody playin’ spending everything on alexander wang, new slaves.” (Kanye West, new slaves) here Kanye has some commentary about how so many people spend almost everything they have on designer clothes to appear wealthy and how most of America…show more content…
Kanye is clearly a supporter of ideal of being yourself and not letting others limit you, he illustrates this in his song everything I am “ everybody saying what's not for him, but everything I'm not, made me everything I am” (everything I am by Kanye West). Kanye West is pushing the message of not letting people tell you what you can or can’t do, and to not be afraid of making mistakes, because all these things make you who you are and thats what really matters. Kanye, while he admits he indulges in them, speaks on how worldly pleasures won’t help you. His song lost in the world is about how by indulging these things you slowly lose your true self to these things and to society as a

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