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Kanye West was born on June 8, 1977 to Ray and Donda West in Atlanta. Ray West was a photojournalist, counselor, and ex-member of the Black Panthers. Donda West was an English professor at Chicago State University. When he was three years old his parents divorced and he moved with his mother to Chicago where he attended school, and lived in Atlanta with his father in the summer. At the age of five he began writing poetry, and began rapping in third grade thanks to the influences of the city. He continued to rap and began to compose musical pieces throughout high school where he crossed paths with “The Godfather of Chicago Hip Hop” who became his mentor. After high school West received a scholarship to the American Academy of Art in 1997, but transferred to Chicago State University to major…show more content…
With his new opportunity, he is often credited with revitalizing Jay-Z’s career after producing one of the most influential hip-hop albums. After proving that not only that he could produce, but that he could also rap, we was signed on to Roc-A-Fella Records with his own record deal. Before he was able to release an album, on October 23, 2002, West was involved in a near death car accident that inspired his first album “Through the Wire” after his jaw was shattered and wired shut. Since then he has released six studio albums and is planning for his seventh. His mother, Donda, was a very important part of Kanye’s success and career, so much that she quit her own career to become his manager. Although she did not always agree with what he was doing, she continued to stand by his side through it all. Not only is West a music mogul, but he is also owns multiple restaurants and has his own clothing line. He has produced multiple lines with Nike, Louis Vuitton, Bape, and Guiseppe Zanotti, along with other self-named

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