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Ecology Essay: Burmese Python I believe that the Burmese Python are very important for many ecosystems. This reptile unfortunately is causing all kinds of damage to ecosystems in the United States, because he doesn’t belong here. He originally lives in southern China but he somehow got to america and is eating everything it can swallow. If this keeps happening then the Burmese Python will eventually be the cause of some species extinction. Because this reptile doesn’t belong here he is called an invasive species, that is when the specie came from another part of the world. The Burmese Python is known as an invasive species because he does not belong here. They are capable of reaching 16-23 feet and up to 200 pounds and their average lifespan is 20 to 25 years. Some of their prey items are mammals, birds, and other reptiles that are big enough. The scientific name for the Burmese Python is python bivittatus and it is ranked the 6th largest snake in the world. The biggest world record Burmese Python is 27 feet and weighs 403 pounds. The Burmese Python is also not venomous but if he does bite he won’t let go no matter what.…show more content…
The only two predators that the python has are the alligator and humans so due to few predators it will not be going extinct anytime soon due to that. So in reality the Burmese python can be a long lasting species of snakes because it has only a hand-full of predators and they don’t kill the snake enough to make them go close to endangerment. So due to this information the Burmese python is kind of overpowered since it only has two predators and that’s not very many to snakes dead compared to the snakes being born. Especially since the Burmese python doesn’t belong in the united

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