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Many people who are up to date with pop culture are familiar with what is one of the most memorable television occurrences of 2009, Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMA’s. This event caused much controversy. The amount of anger from many as well as the lack thereof from others exemplified the level of judgement that is present in our society. People condemned Kanye West for being so disrespectful. Many of them even adopt an air of superiority; they feel as if they would never do something as terrible as him even if they had the guts to do so. Others would applaud him or simply not care enough to have an opinion. The ones applauding him show how normal and even idolized judgement is. Many people approved of his…show more content…
The judgement is not always on purpose or malicious but it’s there. Judgement can easily find it’s way into conversations; it gives people something to talk about. Some people may even go as far as calling high schoolers gossipers, busybodies, and scandalmongers. These terms can most likely be used to describe the majority of us. Judgement is actually so prevalent in our environment that it gets hard to notice. The other day I was sitting with some of my peers while doing my homework. While I made some loose attempts at finding the domains of functions, I overheard some of the nearby conversations. These conversations seemed completely normal to me until I realized that comments such as “They wouldn’t look good together” or “She really shouldn’t be doing that. What will people think of her?” are pretty judgemental. Are these people forcing others to stand on a scaffold and bathe in their shame, or be hanged for a different lifestyle, such as in The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible respectively? No, and commenting on two people’s aesthetic compatibility or the “rebellious” things that some girl did over the weekend don’t seem very harmful at all; however, conversations like this and the fact that conversations and comments like these are considered normal show that many us still share the same thought process as the Puritans: we are better than others, and we have the right to decide what they can and cannot

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