J Cole's Song Analysis: The Sideline Story

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This album was a huge step up from J Cole’s debut album “The Sideline Story”. Born Sinner was released on June 18, 2013. It sold roughly 599,000 copies to date. J Cole decided to put his album out the same day as Kanye West’s album “Yeezus”, which has sold about 537,000 copies to date. This album is intended for any audience, but is more popular for hip hop fans. “Born Sinner” has some really nice lyrics and beats on it. Hands down I feel like it’s one of the best albums of 2013. If old school rap artist were making music in 2013 they might sound like J Cole did in this album. I wouldn’t call this a throwback, this is what you call “an evolution of rap music”. This album features plenty of conscience- wrestling thoughts on money, singleness, musical integrity, also an unpredictable polite apology to his idol Nas. My favorite tracks on this album are “Villuminati”, “Power Trip”, “She Knows”, “Let NAS Down”, and “Born Sinner”. The song “Villuminati” pretty much sets the tone for the whole album. In the beginning of the song J Cole says “its way darker this time”, and by that he means “darker” than his debut album. This song also shows that his album will deal with a lot of good, bad and…show more content…
J Cole is a big fan of another rapper, Nas, and in J Cole’s debut album he produced a track, “Work Out”, which ended up being a big hit. This track disappointed Nas because he felt that that not the type of music J Cole makes it’s just a song J Cole tried to get on the radio. If you listen to J Coles music it’s more the sentimental type, like the types of songs people can relate to, and the song work out was really nothing like J Coles other music. Nas felt that he was just becoming those typical rappers you find now a days with songs that have no educational/inspiring message in them that listeners can relate to but just catchy songs. This is another one of my favorite songs on this

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