College Degree With No Job Analysis

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College Degree with No Job An online article written by Rick Newman gives advice to college graduates who feel they are going precisely nowhere with their degrees. The article is titled “How to Graduate from College and Go Precisely Nowhere”. Almost everyone has been told they need to go to college to find a good job and make a decent income. In present times, college graduates are receiving their diplomas but are going precisely nowhere with the new hard earned and expensive knowledge. The unemployment rate is up, especially for young adults. They are making massive mistakes when considering jobs including, “arrogance, laziness, or unrealistic expectations,” according to article writer Rick Newman. Some of the largest mistakes they can make…show more content…
According to David Smith who Rick Newman quoted in the article, “Your job in educating yourself is really just beginning.” The new graduates think that their degree will just speak for them, so they do not have to work hard to find a job. When going to interviews most of them are unprofessional and do not know information about the company. The best way to get the dream job that they have been looking for and to commit themselves to the job they are applying for is to upskill themselves. In case you missed that buzzword, “upskilling” means continually adding to your knowledge and capabilities. That’s what the grads who are actually getting good jobs are doing-by researching the companies they want to work for, learning about their clients, and even taking additional courses to fill in gaps on their resumes. This is one way to turn an otherwise indistinct degree into an asset. (Newman) Upskilling can make the applicant more congenial and can show the passion they will have when on the job. These young people need to build their resume with correct courses and always be willing to learn new things. There is always an opportunity to learn, especially when applying for a new…show more content…
Having connections with certain people can get you a job that you have always dreamed of. However, young adults are networking unsuccessfully. Again Rick Newman uses a quote by David Smith, “Kids today have the mistaken belief that all networking means is technology.” The young graduates are only using their cell phones and social media to connect with others around them. They are hiding behind screens and becoming mindless robots which in result, will only detriment their future. A huge mistake young adult’s make is limiting their networking to the social media website, Facebook. The website is great for posting pictures and random thoughts during your day; however some of those pictures and thoughts may not be as professional as they want them to be. Employers now can look at their social media pages to perceive if the applicant would be a good choice for their company or not. So instead of losing a great job, young adults need to be careful about their social media image and also need to make sure to network with people in real

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