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Fences is a play mostly about a selfish man and how he chooses to live his life. Were first introduced to Troy Maxson we learn that, he has thwarted dreams which lead him to become a fictitious man. Troy is a former baseball player for the Negro League, he is declined before the Major Leagues accepted blacks. Troy works hard for his family he plays the dominate role, he is the breadwinner. All the characters are gathered around knowing or having a relationship with Troy. Inadequate is how troy feels at the end of the story, he has provided for his family but never feels like it’s good enough. Troy is the classic hero at the beginning but we start to realize he is untrustworthy to his wife. After Troy dies he leaves behind many things for his…show more content…
Troy says “The white man won’t let Cory go anywhere in the sports world.” Troy puts up a “fence” between Cory and his dream, his father and society. He is the son of Troy and Rose, and a compassionate loving nephew to disabled Gabriel. Cory is a determined and realizes his dreams; He grows up and becomes of age when he is challenged by his father and leaves the house in rage. Cory gets a second chances to live his dreams when his father dies. He rebels and decides he will not go to the funeral but has a character transformation when he accepts the loss and attends the funeral. At the end of the play he has matured and there is potential that his life can change for the better, and be different from Troys. Bryshere Y. Gray casted to play Cory, stars in Empire as Hakeem Lyon, an honest and pleasant son of Lucious and Cookie. Hakeem is faced with being the youngest and always having to live up to high expectations. He has several disputes with his father about him owning the company. These two characters are alike in many ways but the one that sticks out to me is, the father figure. Both of their fathers are “tuff love” they love their sons but hold them to a high standard which they can’t…show more content…
Bono and Troy met in jail, where Troy learned to play baseball. Bono is the only character that remembers Troy’s glory days of playing in the Negro Baseball League. Bono questions Troy’s loyalty to his wife Rose throughout the play. Troy is Bono’s role model in the business world. Trai Byers casted as Jim Bono, Trai Byers plays Andre Lyon in the television show Empire. Andre looks up to his father, he is loyal and takes over his company. Andre is the oldest of the three kids, he remembers his father and mothers fight to build their company. Both of these characters are loyal to their friends and family, they both have someone to look up

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