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The poem "Electricity comes to Cocoa Bottom" written by Marcia Douglas describes the first time when electric light is switched on in Cocoa Bottom. The moment when the light appears is portrayed to be very significant for the children who lives in Cocoa Bottom, as they used to use oil light and never seen electric light. The writer Douglas described the different people waiting for the moment throughout the poem. Every single children went to see the light, showing how important this is, as Mr. Samuel is the only person wealthy enough to get it, and the poem showed described "their lamps filled with oil" contrasted the lights of ordinary children and the electric light of Mr Samuel, emphasizing how special it is for them. Not only the children were excited, but also Grannie Patterson who "peeped through the crack in her birch door" wanting to see the moment as well, these build up the tension and inform the reader the importance of this event. When the light is lit, Mr. Samuel himself was smiling, showing happiness of the light working. The children "gasp" showing astonishment and that they were amazed by the situation. The event is very momentous that people wanted to record it as a voice asked "is there one among us to…show more content…
The "sunset" showed sunlight which contrasted with the electric light, and the description of the colour of the sky show that its getting dark, "their lanterns off" also makes the scene darker, and showed that the moment is coming. Personification of the nature like "fireflies waited" "a breeze held its breath" "bamboo stopped its swaying" showed that the animals and the surroundings are also waiting for something to happen, they were keeping really still, this shows that the event happening next is symbolic. When the light is switched on the nature joins in with the children, as the birds "fluttering of wings" raised, "breeze rose up from above the

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