A Streetcar Named Desire Essay

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Through a close analysis of the text of the themes of illusion and fantasy, consider how far the characterisation and stylistic concerns of scene 10 (It is a few hours later…me having a baby) are indicative of the rest of the play Tennessee Williams uses A Streetcar Named Desire to manipulate the idea of illusion and fantasy At the opening of scene 10, we see Blanche entertaining “spectral admirers” Blanche’s illusions reminiscent of death (perverting the fantasy: sexual subtext, paedophilia) • “drinking fairly steadily” completely invested in maintenance of fantasy. Hint of tragedy to show escalating into chaos. Affected by Mitch, vulnerable and loss of control and inhibitions. • “a mood of hysterical exhilaration” taken on a parodied, nightmarish quality, lurid. Even in fantasy, death is still inescapable factor. • “spectral admirers” haunted: Elysian Fields “gold spouts out of the ground” sexual subtext as well as being a childish fantasy and unrealistic: this unnerving juxtaposition with sex and children, with the scene where Blanche pervs on the teen as well as her being generally infantile. • “geyser of foam” sexual subtext, reinforced perhaps by “Rain from heaven!” as well as bottle imagery. • Dwelling in…show more content…
• “beau” archaic • “rhinestones” echo back; fatalistic. • “Dallas” wealth/Southern gentlemen • Comes out through Williams’ use of song throughout the play as a motif: These lyrics are fundamentally reflective on Blanche’s outlook on life; to her, adjusting or hiding the truth is the only way she can attempt to enjoy life. Williams purposefully juxtaposes the revelation of Blanche’s sexual past with Blanche singing in the tub, lyrics that reveal her ideologies, quote from song • Blanche and Stanley’s relationship is one of antagonism, propelling the play’s plot and building the tension to the climactic rape in scene 10. -Stanley has his own illusions, as does
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