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TITLE Butler’s Chocolate – The World’s Only Butler's Factory in Dublin LEAD PARAGRAPH Witness the magic and wonder of a real life chocolate factory when you visit the Butler’s Chocolate Experience with a bird’s eye view of the factory. Dressed like a chocolatier you have plenty of chocolate tasting opportunities as you learn about the origin and history of chocolate through the ages with the ultimate chocolate discovery guided tour. PARAGRAPHS The history of chocolate Chocolate has been around for years, thousands of years. It has changed a lot since the Maya Indians then the Aztecs discovered the beans around the 4th century BC. Back then they would crush the bean into a powder and add water and spices to make a chocolate drink. It was then…show more content…
She began Chez Nous Chocolates in Dublin on Lad Lane in 1932. Her luxury chocolate creations were all hand made. In 1959 the company was bought by Mr. Seamus Sorensen from Cork and opened its first retail store in the Grafton Arcade in 1960. The company changed its name to honor the memory Marion Butler to Butlers Irish Chocolates in 1984. The Sorensen family still owns and operates Butlers Chocolates. The chocolate factory tour Upon arrival at the factory you receive your very own chocolatier outfit, a white coat and hair net. The first stop is the theater room where you watch a short video about the history of chocolate and receive your first sample of Butlers Chocolate. After the video presentation, you will walk through the history of Butlers Chocolate and the hall of all thing chocolate. Here you receive another sample of a different kind of chocolate Butlers Chocolate makes. As the large double doors open at the end of the hall you will see where all the chocolate magic happens. Chocolate is being made everywhere, along with the toffee and fudge the company produces as well. The catwalk is located above the chocolate making floor, so you get a birds-eye view of everything going on throughout the…show more content…
The top shell of the bar is made first. As this shell sits upside down the filling of choice is then piped in. The final step is covering the center filling with the chocolate bottom. See Butlers Gianduja, a type of praline, being made. They start with the chocolate center then add a layer of white chocolate to one side. Once that has cooled and hardened they do the same to the other side. When cooled, the square piece is cut into individual chocolate rectangles. You may also have the opportunity to watch some of Butlers employees make their hand-made chocolates. A mold is initially used to make the truffles. This ensures all the truffles are of equal size and weight. After the hand-made chocolates come out of the cooling pond and go through the ‘chocolate waterfalls,’ they are then decorated by hand with sprinkles, chocolate shavings, lines, or piping. Packaged by hand, they are now ready for shipping. Upon completing the tour of the factory floor, it is now time to test your chocolatier capabilities. You will now go into the large kitchen area where you get to sample a chocolate drink and more chocolate. Here you will also decorate your own chocolate elephant with white chocolate and chocolate

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