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Trawling is commercial fishing method which involves large fish nets pulled through sea water by one or more boats. Trawl is a funnel shaped gigantic net and boat which drags the net is called Trawler. Types of Trawling Mainly there are two types of trawling which are Pelagic Trawling or Mid water trawling, where the trawl is dragged though surface or mid water of sea. Demersal Trawling, where the trawl is dragged close to sea bed. Bottom Trawling or Bethnic Trawling, where the trawl is dragged along the sea bed. HISTORY OF TRAWLING IN KERALA Kerala has 590 KM of coastline, where 222 Marine fisheries villages distributed. There are close to 6,10,155 fishermen who are in to fishing trade directly and approximately 50,00,000 people who indirectly supports. Kerala is also blessed with world’s most variety full fishes with close to 187 varieties. Post-independence there was an increasing need of mechanization and modernization in fishing, due to growing need of export/forex and to tap underutilized of sea wealth. In 1953 Kerala government initiated a project called INDO – NORWEGIAN project in three villages to improve infrastructure development of fishermen and to meet the increasing…show more content…
Co-operative society in Chaliyam work to get a fair price for catch and helps to bypass the exploiting agents. These societies work closely with government agencies to avail schemes efficiently. Chellanam model “Karanila” wage sharing model is an example of using social capital to tackle unemployment. They have a job rotation system in labour intensive seine vessels where some people are kept as reserves if the vessel is full. These people who are in reserve get the chance next day and the cycle carried everyone in the season. The reserve people also get a share of wages depending on the catch. It ensures equality among fishermen and fights poverty. Case

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