Cadbury Case Study

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Conclusion Cadbuty company had taken necessary ways to confront these issues. Cadbury company immediately eliminated two products from the shelves which were prohibited for Muslim that contained non-halal ingredients (Hafiz, 2014). Cadbury Confectionery Malaysia recalled related Cadbury’s products rapidly and JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) released a statement regarding eliminating and revoking the halal certification for those products as non-compliance with the requirement. It took very serious toward this incident as it interrelated to religious so that Cadbury will take variety of tests before launching its products to the market (The Guardian, 2014). It restricted to the food producers to avoid that pig DNA or non-halal ingredients mixed with chocolates. Moreover, they also acknowledge their mistake and apologized to the public as well as promise to fulfill the standard requirements of JAKIM before marketing Cadbury’s products (Advertisement Malaysia Marketing , 2014). Regarding to the salmonella issues, Cadbury company was concerning to seriousness of the health problems…show more content…
Cadbury had invested Rs 150 million on imported advanced machinery to design new packaging without raising selling price. Its purpose is to change their bad reputation into good and instill a new concept to customers as well as entailed a double wrapping for maximum protection to reduce the possibility of unnecessary issue to occur again (Cadbury Crisis Management, 2012). Cadbury company had recalled the chocolate eggs in Canada in year 2006 because of a complaint about containing plastic inside the Cadbury’s chocolate eggs. Cadbury company also gave warming messages to customers and public via email and outline outlet from avoiding purchasing certain suspense products. Last but not least, it provides extension telephone hotline to provide immediate or emergency

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