Coastal Zone Management Case Study

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REVIEW OF LITERATURE Maheswaran (1995) has suggested the strategies for integrated coastal zone management in Malaysia. According to him the lack of systematic studies to demonstrates clearly in a comprehensive and quantitative manner, the assessment of benefits accruing from environmental measures and the constraints imposed by competeting policy priority and alternative claims on resources have lead to the expediency of all, often ignoring the environmental dimensions in resource management. Harvard et al. (1996) are of the view that in order for Coastal Zone Management to succeed (CZM), additional and high quality information must be freely and widely available. The future of CZM will be dependent not only on further resources invested…show more content…
He observed that the coastal zone has been among the most neglected in Bangladesh in planning. Lack of people’s initiative in coastal management has been identified as one of the major reason for under use of the coastal resources in Bangladesh. Strong bureaucratic administration, underestimation of knowledge and experience of the local community and a bias for technical rather than social considerations in coastal zone management efforts are the main reasons for the less people participation. He suggests that there is a need of the coastal communities in planning and implementation of the coastal management projects, but they are not taken properly into consideration. Carter (1998) has discussed about physical ecological and cultural systems of coastline. According to him the land filling by waste is often used to raise the ground surface. The need of the future strategies for the sea level rise has been discussed as well as it is a prevalent phenomenon of the current…show more content…
The operation of coastal system is the underlying theme of the book. Dominant processes operating in an ecosystem, such as waves, tides and rivers has also been discussed. According to him, the coastal management aims to facilitate suitable use of coastal zone and to protect human interests at the coast from natural and human related processes. In this thought, coastal management operates at many scales , but to be fully effective small authorities should be integrated to provide overall consistent management along a stretch of coastline. He has given emphasis over the use of remote sensing and GIS in coastal zone

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