Essay On Global Perspectives

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Global Perspectives: Individual Research Climate Change- To what extent is climate change affecting mankinds’ life span? Over the past centuries, nothing worse than this situation has posed a threat to living beings, it can be both, human or animal. Climate change has rather rapidly become a global issue, mostly because of the negative contributions made by humans, unintentionally. The consequences are immensely dreadful, and are the cause for the death of many innocent creatures. Mankind is a selfish nation, we think of ourselves as saviours, but in reality we are destroyers. It is upon us to make the choice, whether we stay content with what is happening and let the earth shrivel in the near future or, we make a move and become heroes in the eyes of our future generations. Global Perspective a) Bangladesh Global temperatures are rising due to climate change, causing glaciers and ice to melt throughout the world, including mountain ranges…show more content…
The Alps host almost 4,500 species as the go across Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Slovenia, also, about 400 plant species. The habitants of the Alpine zone are affected as the tree lines are shifted upward by several hundred metres. Concerning the third case, As a result of its low adaptive capacity of the increased population, Sudan is the most vulnerable region in Africa (IPPC). Frequent natural disasters in Sudan such as droughts and floods and agriculture heavily depend on rainfall. It already has a highly uneven and unpredictable climate pattern; climate change is worsening the situation. For example, In Sahel, over the past 30 years there has been a decrease in annual rainfall. Also, the natural resource management, food security and agriculture, water resources, and human health are impacted. National
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