Literature Review On Adolescence

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REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE This section will help the researchers and the readers to discover similitude and contrasts of the discovery between the various times contemplate. The data that are encased here are originating from various means including on the web sources, diaries, articles, books and distributed reviews that are identified with the point and help to advance the proposed think about. ON ADOLESCENCE Adolescence, according to Hall (1916), is a period that begins at puberty for about 12 to 13 years, and it ends late at 22 years to 25 years of age. He also describes this period as a period of "sturm und drung" which means "storm and stress". The period of sturm und drung in German literature includes the masterpiece of Schiller…show more content…
It affirms that adolescence is a period when human race was in a turbulent transitional stage. He added to this theory that the experiential history of human species becomes part of the genetic structure of each individual. Recapitulation claim that individual organism during development corresponds to those that occurs during the history of mankind. Furthermore, Hall describes particular aspect of the development of adolescent which is the storm and stress in a more detailed way from his book entitled "Feelings and psychic evolution". Withal, he saw the life of adolescent in terms of emotional aspect as an oscillation between contradictory tendencies. Hall believes that characteristics of adolescent contain both remnants of an increasing idealistic altruism and an inhabited childish…show more content…
(1948), in the theory of Adolescent Defense Mechanism ascribes proficient importance to puberty as a critical factor in the formation of one’s character. She emphasizes the relationship between id (a part of person's unconscious mind that relates to basic needs and desires), ego (a part of the mind that senses and adapts to the real world) and lastly, superego (a part where person's mind relates to attitudes about what is right and wrong and also feelings of guilt). She believes that the functioning of sexual glands starts the process of physiological process of sexual maturation. She added the factors that involved in adolescent conflict includes the id impulse which is determined by physiological and endocrinological processes during adolescence, the ego's ability to cope with or to yield to the instinctual forces, and in turn depends in the character training and superego development of the child during the latency period, and lastly, the effectiveness and nature of the defense mechanism at the disposal of the

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