Song Analysis: I Kissed A Girl

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In today’s pop society, we shift from the gay sidekick to the gay best friend – where TV and films give the homosexual a storyline. The gay best friend is a popular image among young adults films and shows. Take the popularized teen comedy film G.B.F (2013). Tanner (Michael J. Willet) is a closeted homosexual attending a high school that is divided into three cliques : WASP, Theatre and Religion. Each clique believes that having a gay best friend will ultimately boost their reputation around the school. After Tanner’s forcefully comes out as the only homosexual in the school after Gay-Straight Alliance found his profile on a gay-hookup application. Once the leaders of the feuding cliques hear the news, they attempt to use Tanner to secure…show more content…
The song also alludes to the idea of heteroflexibility. Interestingly with the bisexual nature of the song, she identifies (or gives the impression) that she is heterosexual. Although,the chorus where she states that she enjoys the kiss and explains her mixed feelings for it, she immediately dismisses the idea that it was voluntary or even gives it meaning within the first few lines of the song and even blames alcohol for her sexual curiosity. The kiss is further dismissed by Perry stating it is experimental and even goes on stating that she does not know the person’s name. “By mentioning that she does not know the recipient’s name and that the anonymity is unimportant she not only objectifies the woman who is the recipient of her kiss but all women in general” (Weber: 85). In the official music video, Perry is seen laying in bed, petting a cat and being surrounded by women in a slumberous nature. The ending scene is highlight of heteronormativity as Perry’s lesbian persona falls asleep and wakes up next to a sleeping man. Even with the heteronormative ending, the song attempts to challenge heterosexually by Perry saying that she enjoyed the kiss restating that a homosexual exchange can be

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