Mead High School Research Paper

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At Mead High School, the student body is not largely diverse. Many of the students there come from similar backgrounds and have similar stories. After analyzing the way the people at Mead act, it can be inferred that the people are keen on groups and cliques. Students new to Mead would quickly notice that if they don’t find the country style fashionable, have a proud sense of school spirit, or aren't apart of a popular sport or activity at the school, they won’t have many people lining up to be friends. Many of the groups and cliques are separated based on interest, where the band kids hang out together and the jock students hang out together. But, people on a team do spend a lot of time together, so it makes sense as to why they would be friends outside of that activity. A majority of the students at Mead are also white, so many of the non-white students tend to hang out with those that share their race.…show more content…
Being a relatively small town, these people have known each other almost their whole lives. Many of the students from Mead grew up together from preschool to highschool. They’ve known each other for so long that they've grown a strong bond. If a new student were to join the school, it may be hard to find someone who is willing to have another friend that they haven’t known for long. Thought, the people at Mead are said to be nicer than other schools from the district, which may be because of the longtime bond they share with the other students. A smaller school may also be beneficial when it comes to the attitudes of the student

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